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How The God Science Project Deploys NFTs to End Human Limitations in 3 Years

San Francisco, California, United States, 30th Dec 2022 – Emerging at the crossroads of a utopian realm and the innovation of NFTs, God Science was established in November 2020, being the result of 15 years of study on self-preservation, and found that when configured into a system, it can do everything that can be dreamed of, wanted, or imagined. Moving forward, the ambitious pursuit of the God Science System is to eliminate all human constraints within three years and prevent extinction from four purported dangers. It will also sign a multi-trillion-dollar deal with the federal government to transform all welfare users into multi-millionaires, eliminating all assistance rolls in the United States.

According to the founders, “Anyone, regardless of financial standing, may benefit from investing in the God Science Project. Since there is no other option but continued failure and eventual extinction, the United States must implement the following strategy if it ever hopes to regain its rightful place as the world’s preeminent power and conquer the cosmos and beyond.” In the founders’ vision, this will immediately cause a global economic explosion. As the overarching object of the God Science Project, the participants seek to end all human limitations within three years and to advance civilization one century into the future every 10 years.

Overall, the God Science System consists of a team of the 50,000 most outstanding scientists working together with the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence supercomputers inside a programmable matrix. In the founders’ vision, the God Science System has the “unprecedented potential to become the Holy Grail of Humanity.”

Structure of the God Science System

Utopia Coins and Utopia Citizen NFTs are digital assets that can be bought or sold on the Ethereum blockchain. They are negotiable instruments that can be traded to the highest bidder. Utopia Citizen NFTs come with a permanent Utopia Citizen Seniority Number based on the date and time of purchase. This number is tied to the digital wallet that holds the NFT, meaning that whoever owns the wallet at any given time also owns the NFT and the lower the Utopia Citizen NFT Seniority Number, the more valuable the NFT is considered to be. 

Considering these aspects, the value increases since low NFT seniority numbers represent the best position in life and access to human superpowers and wealth. As a result, it is suggested that individuals should try to secure a low NFT seniority number, especially if they are older. Only 10 billion Utopia Citizen NFTs will be minted in total, with eight billion available for sale to the global population of eight billion. The remaining two billion will be kept in reserve. The limited supply of these NFTs is expected to make them highly valuable and expensive. It is suggested that individuals take the opportunity to purchase a Utopia Citizen NFT while they can to get full protection from the “Four-Headed Extinction Monster”.

Individuals are encouraged to become Utopia Citizens by purchasing a Utopia Citizen NFT with a seniority number to gain access to technological salvation and protect their families. The founders of God Science System believe full protection will necessary since humans will not be able to survive on their own in their homes, on the streets, in basements, or in caves because once lawlessness and chaos arrives, and you hear the voices of desperate gangs outside it will be too late. They will reportedly roam neighborhoods to commit acts of violence due to the breakdown of society caused by a “Four-Headed Extinction Monster” consisting of a mix of nuclear war horrors, climate change horrors, incurable disease horrors, and robot master horrors. It is recommended that families arm themselves with fully automatic AR-15s as soon as possible to prepare for this alleged threat.

Financing the God Science Project

According to the God Science Project, it plans to sign a multi-trillion-dollar contract with the federal government to reduce U.S. welfare rolls to zero on February 1, 2023, by converting all U.S. welfare recipients into multi-millionaires. This is said to be accomplished by the government purchasing one million Utopia Coins for $25 for each U.S. welfare recipient from the Utopia Coin Exchange, which they can sell for cash in the Utopia Crypto Exchange on the same day, February 1, 2023. The company claims this will instantly explode prosperity across America and the world.

In addition, the God Science Project also plans to create Silicon Valley 2.0, a location that will be home to human superpowers created by the 50,000 greatest scientists in the world that will advance civilization a century into the future every 10 years. Silicon Valley 2.0 will be located in the San Francisco Bay Area and will be the source of everything good for humankind, including a fountain of youth vaccine, Earth 2.0 colonization, instant teleportation, resurrection insurance, and robot control.

Finally, the God Science Project claims to be able to end fear, hate, torture, evil, pain, horror, suffering, and wars forever. It says that there are trillions of free Earth-like planets in the universe and that every human will be able to have as many as they want once Earth 2.0 colonization has been achieved within three years, allowing them to do their own thing and design their own world.

Silicon Valley 2.0 – Creators of Human Superpowers

Silicon Valley 2.0, located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, will be the home of human superpowers that will end human limitations and advance civilization a century into the future every ten years. This futuristic hub will be the world’s crown jewel, the source of everything good for humanity, and the ultimate destination for those seeking to unlock their full potential. 

Among the many marvels that will be found within Silicon Valley 2.0 are the Fountain of Youth vaccine, which will allow people to remain young and healthy indefinitely; Earth 2.0 colonization, which will provide a new home for humanity on a planet much like our own; instant teleportation, which will revolutionize transportation and make the world feel smaller than ever before; resurrection insurance, which will allow people to come back to life after death; and robot control, which will enable people to manipulate and control advanced artificial intelligence. These and many other incredible technologies will be developed and refined within Silicon Valley 2.0, making it the ultimate destination for anyone seeking to unlock the full potential of humanity.

Exploring the Potential of God Science

As one of the first gateways to this great opportunity, the God Science Project is offering a private opportunity for individuals to purchase a reservation for $25 that gives them the exclusive right to buy one million Utopia Coins for $25 and one Utopia Citizen NFT for $25 from the Utopia Crypto Exchange during a two-hour window on February 1, 2023. After the two-hour window closes, the Utopia Coins and Utopia Citizen NFT’s will be offered to the worldwide public, and investors will set the market value from that point forward.

Subsequently, the proceeds from the private reservation sales for Utopia Citizen NFT’s will be used to hire a team of crypto experts to build the Utopia Crypto Exchange, ensuring that it is operational by February 1, 2023, so that reservation holders can purchase their one million Utopia Coins for $25 per million. In addition, the profits from the public sales of Utopia Coins made on the Utopia Crypto Exchange will be used to hire the 50,000 greatest scientists in the world at 10 times their current salaries to work together in Silicon Valley 2.0. This complex will be equipped with the most advanced scientific equipment and the most powerful computers in the world and will be focused on ending human limitations.

Note that it is vital to maintain the reservation receipt with name, date, and time of purchase as proof of ownership, and it also locks in a numerical purchase position in case of overwhelming demand.

Overall, the God Science Project appears to be a business focused on using technology and scientific advancement to achieve various goals, including ending human limitations, and creating a utopia-like society. However, it is important to carefully evaluate any business or investment opportunity before deciding.

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