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COMBO Mainnet: Turbocharging Web3 Gaming Surge on Layer2

Tldr: Game-Focused Layer2, Full Stack Solution and Early Birds

Bay Area, California, 18th December 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, For the past few years, the gaming community has grappled with the limitations of first-generation Web3 prototypes. Today, with COMBO network’s successful mainnnet launch, all this is about to change. 

This milestone is the culmination of meticulous planning and innovation, designed to meet the high demands of today’s high-transaction, high-performance gaming market. Now, the COMBO mainnet is ready to empower developers to craft games that rival the complexity and excitement of traditional gaming titles, with the added benefits of embedded Web3 technology.

Here’s what you need to know.

Why Build on COMBO? The Full Stack Solution for Your Web3 Game Development

When we initiated COMBO, our aim was to facilitate game developers in achieving the rapid development of Web3 games. To accomplish this goal, our efforts primarily concentrate on the following aspects:

  • Providing a scalable Layer2 with low fees for hosting games.
  • Introducing a new development paradigm and tools for swift Web3 game creation.
  • Offering comprehensive guides for developers to quickly pick up Web3 game development skills.

With the launch of COMBO’s mainnet, we are ushering in an era of enhanced Web3 game development capabilities and ecosystem partnerships. This evolution signifies a major leap from our project’s initial capabilities, heralding a future where COMBO’s technological prowess, gaming ecosystem resources and community engagement redefine the standards of blockchain gaming. 

Key support features of COMBO include:

  • Infrastructure: COMBO’s mainnet is based on Optimism (OP) Stack and fully EVM-compatible. It simplifies the transition process for developers, requiring minimal code changes to migrate dApps, smart contracts, or applications to the COMBO mainnet. This compatibility also streamlines integration for developers, as COMBO maintains high-security standards and leverages the BNB Chain for secure, scalable, and cost-efficient transactions. During the testnet, COMBO achieved a staggering 5,000 TPS while keeping gas fee as low as 0.001 Gwei. 
  • Tools & Guides: COMBO supports all popular game engines and programming languages, granting developers the freedom to use familiar tools. Our detailed guides make it simple for developers to enter the Web3 realm based on their existing engine skills. For instance, we integrate development documentation and Web3 game creation guidelines into the Cocos Creator game engine as a plug-in, aiding traditional developers in smoothly transitioning to the Web3 space.
  • Fundraising: Developers have access to various funding avenues within the COMBO ecosystem, including $1 million in $COMBO tokens for high-quality project deployment incentive and $80 million ecosystem fund. Additionally, ecosystem projects can tap into COMBO’s connections with top-tier venture capitalists for professional assistance as we build the future of gaming together.
  • Grants: COMBO extends substantial support through our grant program. Projects meeting specified transaction volume thresholds qualify to receive rewards, and high transaction volume-contributing projects are entitled to transaction revenue dividends.
  • Community: Backed by a vibrant community of 1.6 million game developers, COMBO is an active game hub. During the testnet, the Unique Active Wallet (UAW) exceeded 1.8 million. Within COMBO community, the games can flourish, connecting with avid gamers, collaborative developers, and the innovative spark essential for the game’s future.

With such a robust framework for support, COMBO’s mainnet launch is poised to revolutionize the Web3 gaming landscape, inviting early adopters to maximize their benefits in this innovative ecosystem.

Introduce Pioneering Projects on COMBO Mainnet

COMBO ecosystem has partnered with over 45 influential infrastructure projects, including some of the notable names in the Web3 space like NodeReal, MetaMask, Polyhedra, Particle Network, and innovative titles like HunterDex, HavenMarket, QuestN, Math Wallet, Coin98 Super Wallet, Script Network, Footprint, Biconomy. Additionally, partnerships with leading cloud computing providers like Alibaba Cloud and industry giants such as Cocos Engine IDE from the traditional gaming sphere further reinforce COMBO’s extensive network. 

  • NodeReal: The leading blockchain infrastructure provider offers top-tier RPC services and archive node solutions, ensuring COMBO secure chain operations and seamless integration of the latest technologies.
  • Polyhedra Network: Develop and implement zkBridge for establishing trustless and highly efficient interoperability infrastructure among diverse Web3 systems, facilitating smooth cross-chain assets transfers and messaging within the COMBO ecosystem.
  • Particle Network: Full-stack Web3 infrastructure provider offering MPC-TSS Wallet (EOA) and ERC-4337 compatible contract wallet (AA) through its Wallet Services, empowering developers to select the most fitting wallet for their access needs.
  • HavenMarket: The first NFT marketplace on COMBO that supports the creation, collection, and trading of NFTs.

As we continue to expand our horizons, the COMBO mainnet is set to become a hub for a variety of exciting games. Here’s a glimpse of the pioneering projects that are already operational or in the middle of deploying on the COMBO mainnet:

  • Tap Fantasy: Combine classic RPG elements with blockchain innovation. Players can mint NFTs, engage in epic battles, and enjoy mini-games within a MMORPG universe. 
  • SecondLive: Top Metaverse on multichain and server as an all-in-one Web3 metaverse marketing hub with AIGC toolchain and XR technology.
  • Zypher Games: Fully on-chain games utilizing Zero-Knowledge Proofs and AI technology, set to debut zBingo and 2048 on COMBO soon.
  • Arena of Faith: A MOBA game set on the battlefield of Vigrid, where players engage in on-chain eSports, enjoy cross-platform competition, and win various in-game rewards. 
  • Legend Games: Omnichain gaming powered by zkBridge, allowing games to utilize the benefits of different blockchain networks seamlessly.
  • Dark Forest: Based on The Three-Body Problem, this grand FOC game involves a space adventure using zero-knowledge proof technology.
  • MetaLine: A web3 multiplayer sailing game defying geographical and temporal limits, offering players generous token rewards during gameplay.
  • DystoWorld: A multi-faceted ecosystem for bringing digital goods to Web3 & the Metaverse. Games, art, computer code and licenses, all benefit from the true ownership granted by NFTs. 
  • Climbers: A universally accessible game playable on smartphones and PC browsers, even without the need for a wallet.
  • Apes Planet: An innovative spatial computing metaverse that bridges the gap between Unreal Engine 3D Indie Developers and enthusiastic users.
  • Forge Heroes: Players can battle and mine on various grids, uncovering surprise blind boxes with each action for an engaging and fair gaming experience.
  • SailWars: A Web3 NFT game that immerses players in a naval battle adventure on the high seas, independently crafted by the experienced Dot.Gaming Studio.

More upcoming platforms and games not only diversify the offerings on COMBO but also signify the network’s commitment to pioneering in the blockchain gaming space, promising an engaging and innovative future for gamers and developers alike.

Getting Started with COMBO Mainnet

COMBO’s mainnet will be the cornerstone of the next generation of blockchain gaming – and we’re bringing the entire community along with us! This is an open invitation to game developers, players, and blockchain enthusiasts to join us in this exciting new era. Deploying on COMBO is now easier than ever with updated documentation and a developer quickstart guide:

As we celebrate this milestone, our eyes are set on the future. From new network functionalities to upcoming game releases, the journey of COMBO’s mainnet is just beginning. We remain committed to supporting our users and developers as we continue to innovate and expand the COMBO network. Let’s COMBO up!


COMBO is a leading provider of scaling solutions for Web3 game development. By leveraging the world’s top game engine, COMBO is building an open-source, decentralized, game-oriented Layer2 that is accessible to everyone. It aims to maximize the potential of Web3 games by connecting game developers with the entire ecosystem in an efficient, affordable, and secure way. 

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