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Neuraville To Launch Neurorobotics Studio, Empowering All to Shape the Future of Robotics

Neuraville Inc. is set to launch Neurorobotics Studio, a revolutionary platform that allows anybody to construct and share robot brains without coding, boosting collaboration and improving robotics through open-source innovation.

Pittsburgh, PA, 22nd November 2023, ZEX PR WIRENeurorobotics Studio, an innovative system that hopes to change the face of robotics, is set to be released by the artificial intelligence and robotics company Neuraville. The open-source Framework for Evolutionary Artificial General Intelligence (FEAGI) developed by Neuraville is the driving force behind this groundbreaking platform. Neurorobotics Studio, slated for a beta release by this winter, empowers individuals with a range of technical proficiencies to effortlessly design and share robot brains, leveraging user-friendly interfaces and intuitive tools that require no traditional coding knowledge.

Neurorobotics Studio

“Our goal with Neurorobotics Studio is to democratize robotics, making the creation of robot control software accessible beyond traditional programmers and engineers. By welcoming diverse talents, we’re not just broadening participation; we’re sparking innovation in robotics for everyone,” says Mohammad Nadji, Founder and CEO of Neuraville.

Neurorobotics Studio stands out for its user-friendly design, enabling effortless creation and sharing of robotic intelligence. This platform is uniquely accessible, allowing anyone, regardless of their coding skills or robotics experience, to develop and contribute their own robot control systems. These creations can be shared and further enhanced by other users, fostering a collaborative environment that accelerates innovation in robotics. This community-driven approach empowers users to build upon each other’s work, leading to more sophisticated and diverse robotic applications.

The platform efficiently manages robots by applying neurology-inspired concepts that draw on the human brain’s functionality. Neurorobotics Studio serves a diverse user base, finding applications in STEM education, entertainment, and scientific research.

Neuraville is dedicated to shaping a future where intelligent and safe service robots, powered by Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), seamlessly integrate into human life, offering assistance, companionship, and enhanced productivity. Neuraville developed the foundational technology of this platform and released it under an open-source license, fostering collaboration and driving innovation in the robotics sector.

Neurorobotics Studio is designed to accommodate a diverse array of robots, both physical and virtual, opening up a realm of possibilities. Neuraville ensures accessibility to a broad spectrum of users by offering the platform in both free and paid tiers, with advanced features available for professional users. This web-based software caters to varying levels of demand and expertise, providing flexible upgrade paths for all users.

Neuraville cordially invites robot manufacturers, especially those in the STEM/education and entertainment sectors, to explore collaboration opportunities with the Neurorobotics Studio platform. Their aim is to build a dynamic community where creators can develop and share robot ‘brains,’ for robots from diverse manufacturers, and users have the opportunity to download such brains to explore new robot behaviors. This initiative is focused on fostering an ecosystem that promotes innovation, education, and entertainment through collaborative efforts.

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About Neuraville

Neuraville Inc., a leader in embodied Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), specializes in foundational technologies that reduce R&D expenses and enhance robot capabilities. This startup is committed to pioneering a new era of service robots, merging nature-inspired methods with advanced research to create solutions that are both high-performing and cost-effective.

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