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PAYOLIE – Revolutionizing the music & Retail Industry with Seamless Payment System

A perfect match for your music marketing needs

New York, USA, 7th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Are you releasing a single or a new album? Do you need a plan on where and how to optimize your music release? Perhaps, you are contemplating when and where one can place music to get value. Or do you feel like you need to gain certain stats in order to get featured on certain outlets? If you’re looking for a way to build anticipation around your next release without breaking the bank, look no further. Payolie got you covered!

With Payolie, it’s all about the strategy to create and engage fans. Making new music is the easy part, handling the business side of things can be stressful and every effort should produce good fruit. With tons of streaming services currently available as well as new ones emerging onto the scene, your music deserves to get the same results on all platforms without having to take time away from the recording process and that’s why Payolie is the perfect match for your music marketing needs.

The Problem

Being an artist comes with a lot of challenges. However, the biggest of these challenges is building hype around new projects. For others, finding ways to gather traffic across all 200+ platforms to gain streams on songs to maximize streaming profits. There’s platforms across the world your music is made available on — in which you may not see good results — due to several barriers you may face such as language, lack of knowledge of how to promote your release in that market, and the lack of tools available to boost engagement.

Undoubtedly, streaming is still a good option because fans can access over 100 million songs across the world for only about $120 a year. However the question still remains, how can you maximize your visibility across all channels?

What is Payolie?

Payolie is a digital advertising platform that enables artists to build anticipation for music releases by allowing fans to use content to enjoy a seamless experience shopping for products in-stores and online.

Back in 2018, Matthew Reid Jr (Founder/CEO of Payolie) came up with the concept of getting paid for streaming music. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the founder encountered many delays and obstacles on his path to victory which caused many other platforms to dominate the new sector. Throughout all of the trials and tribulations, Matthew was able to update the business model and hold onto what he considers “ the secret sauce “ until the project was ready for launch.

The Solution

We believe in revolutionizing the way consumers shop online and in-stores as well as discovering new music. To achieve this, we’re partnering with big brands in the retail industry (ex. BestBuy, Amazon, Walmart, and many more) to make life more enjoyable for the everyday shopper/listener while creating new avenues for artists to increase fan engagement around their brands. The goal is to make you stand out from the crowd!

We offer digital products and features, such as:

* Stream Card — A Debit Card for Music Releases

This debit card works in two dynamic ways. It can be used by fans to collect payments for streaming music releases and to spend the payments at major brands & retailers. The other advantage of stream card is that it provides artists the opportunity to cultivate a fan base and to increase streams on third-party platforms (ex. Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music) by allowing fans to collect and spend their ad budget in exchange for engagement.

* Roll-Out Plan Generator

A feature that allows an artist to upload their entire music project and generate a pre-built roll-out plan tailored around the artist’s needs.

* Press Release Generator.

This feature adopted by Payolie enables the platform to generate articles using the data around the music release. This may be crucial for artists who are looking to build press around their music without having to deal directly with a PR firm.

* Pangea (Pre-built Checkout Solution) –

Our platform adopts a pre-built checkout solution called “ Pangea “ which allows online shoppers to earn money by discovering new music. The money earned can be used to pay off the total cart balance. If you’re looking for some commercial benefits from your music, Payolie may be the desired destination.

* Interest-Bearing Ad Campaign

The understanding of the needs of artists and their audiences is demonstrated by Payolie by adopting the interest-bearing ad campaign feature which allows the artists to gain extra streams at no additional cost.

How to Get Started with Payolie

Every trip begins with a single step; you are about to begin a journey that will revolutionize your music career. To enjoy every feature of the Payolie platform, you need to register, which is a token that you are prepared to move to the global stage. The platform, having demonstrated its commitment towards improving the services rendered to artists and fans, requires the services of fans and artists to build and test out the platform which is currently in beta.

We make it easier for everyone to join by following the simple 4 step process. Here is how to start with Payolie.

Join our Mailing List

We ensure the process is seamless as we understand how busy you might be. Therefore, the registration process begins with joining our mailing list. You will see a “Send your email” textbox on the bottom of the homepage, where you can input your email. Once you’ve done that, you can click on the send button.

Receive an Email

After submitting your email, our customer service will contact you. We will never use a personal email to respond to your email. Our staff are well-educated and trained to ensure you get the best service.

Onboarding Process

After receiving your email, our customer service department will walk you through the onboarding process. During the process, If we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to response to the email with any questions or concerns.

Setting up your account

Once the onboarding process is complete, it means your account is ready. It’s time to skyrocket your next music project to the world. We make music promotion simple and easy. Our partnership with Stripe, a renowned payment system, allows us to create new avenues for artists within the retail/e-commerce space by connecting payment processing with music streaming. We have developed the first debit card for music releases in the world and it’s a game changer. Be the first to experience the revolution in the music industry.

Note: We are currently at the beta stage of the project. The essence of this article is to get you aware and excited about the upcoming project. Join our mailing list to receive live updates about the project.

Payolie — A Perfect Match For Your Music Marketing Needs

Be on the lookout as we team up with various platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Macys, Walmart, Uber, DoorDash, Visa, Amazon, and much more to create new territories for creators to market their releases as well as develop new payment methods consumers can use to enjoy a better shopping experience.

Sounds exciting, right? Join our mailing-list today!

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Media Contact – 

Name : Matthew Reid Jr

Email : [email protected]

Phone no : 1-646-953-9081

Company : Payolie

Country : USA

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