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Sea Summit: A Historic Crypto Cruise, Hosted by Abhyudoy Das and Indian Crypto Community, Sets Sail with Over 6000+ Enthusiasts for a Luxurious Voyage of Crypto Victory

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Mumbai, India, 9th December 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, The world of cryptocurrency and Web3, known for its unpredictable highs and lows, is now set to conquer another high—this time, on the open seas. Dubbed Sea Summit, this unique fusion of crypto-conference, Web3 Expo and Crypto cruise vacation has the community abuzz. But is it the groundbreaking venture it promises to be or a great networking crypto event?

If you ever daydreamed about merging the adrenaline of cryptocurrency with the luxurious relaxation of a grand cruise 3X Size of historical Titanic Cruise, Sea Summit is set to make those dreams come true. There is no doubt that it’s going to be the biggest crypto event in history very shortly. If you analyse the Guiness book of records, its also very clear that soon after this crypto and Web3 event concluded, it’s probably going to brag at least 2-3 records considering its scale.

In what’s being hailed as the most exciting cross between Financial technology and luxury, Sea Summit promises an electrifying fusion of crypto-knowledge, Web3 Capital and maritime splendour. Imagine discussing the future of Bitcoin , crypto trading master class by 100 most popular crypto and Web3 influencers, Launch of new products by the best crypto and Web3 start-ups at the sea, participating in crowdfunding, Crypto and Web3 discussion by the world’s top 100 crypto and Web3 leaders while sipping cocktails beside a pool overlooking the endless blue horizon or while partying as a vampire in one of the luxurious cruise nightclubs at the Ocean with some celebrities.

The Unique Cryptoyage Experience

What can you expect if you join the event? We have checked the details and this is what you are going to see if you are joining Sea Summit. You will dive deep into informative crypto sessions, network with the global crypto community, and witness groundbreaking pitches by crypto start-ups to influential VCs. Not to mention, rubbing shoulders with an estimated 250 international celebrities, partying 10 times a night in 25 themed events happening every day.

Game of Numbers- The Numbers Speak For Themselves at Sea Summit:

  • 12,000 Enthusiasts: Ranging from greenhorns to experts in Crypto and Web3.
  • 300+ Power Talks: By industry leaders and visionaries in the Cryptocurrency and Web3 world.
  • Spotlight on Start-Ups: The chance for young crypto businesses to woo over 300 venture capitalists.
  • The Ultimate CrowdFunding: The never before event to pitch for live crowdfunding to 6000-12000+ most premium crypto and Web3 investors.
  • 100+ Movie stars and Music legends
  • 250+ international celebrities to hang out with
  • 500-1000+ Crypto and Web3 Start-ups
  • A premium networking: You may not see similar VIP’s in the cryptocurrency and Web3 industry as it’s no doubt one of the biggest luxury events you can imagine.
  • You are sailing in one of the top 10 biggest cruise which is 3X the size of legendary Titanic ship obviously going to make you feel grand

A Kaleidoscope of Crypto and Web3 Experiences

Beyond cryptanalysis, attendees can bask in an array of luxurious offerings. From gourmet feasts to state-of-the-art entertainment zones, the Summit promises a holistic experience. It’s where networking might happen over fine dining, a pitch could be made by the poolside, and the next big crypto idea might be discussed under the stars.

Crypto Market Whispers: Catalysts of Change?

Rumours of potential participation from some financial industry giants add to the palpable excitement. But who can it be? Some popular names like Jio Financial services or Adani Capital or BlackRock? What announcement can it be? We don’t know yet. However their announcement of involvement in crypto could herald significant shifts or unveil groundbreaking innovations, further cementing the Sea Summit’s must-attend status.

A Unique Pitching Arena: Where Crypto Dreams Set Sail

For startups, the opportunity to pitch to a staggering 300+ crypto VCs amidst the high seas is unparalleled. It’s a potent mix of high stakes in the serene setting of the sea, potentially giving birth to the next big thing in crypto.

Agenda of Sea Summit:

Imagine a summit where the dynamic world of cryptocurrency transcends all geographical limits, echoing the boundless expanse of the ocean. This is the vision of the Sea Summit. We invite a vibrant mosaic of participants – from innovative Projects and influential Exchanges to visionary Founders, charismatic Influencers, astute VCs, dynamic Media personalities, savvy Traders, and passionate crypto advocates. Picture this diverse group uniting on a majestic cruise ship, a vessel three times the size of the Titanic, to chart the course of crypto and Web3’s future amidst the open international waters.

Abhyudoy Das, the mastermind behind Sea Summit, unveils the inspiration behind this groundbreaking concept:

‘Our experiences at traditional crypto events highlighted two core challenges. The first was the paradox of connection – intense networking and business dealings often alienated our families and left little room for enjoyment. Our solution? A fusion of adventure and glamour within the crypto sphere, creating an environment where business growth and family enjoyment sail together. The second challenge was the superficial nature of networking at these events. Brief interactions, quick exchanges of business cards, leading to transient connections. At Sea Summit, we’re redefining networking. Our cruise setting offers a unique, round-the-clock opportunity for deep, meaningful engagement in a relaxed yet stimulating atmosphere. Here, every conversation has the potential to blossom into a valuable partnership, every encounter a step towards collaborative innovation.’”

Vinay Chandra Lal, highlighted another exciting aspect of the summit: ‘We are also committed to fostering the growth of web3 developers. Imagine the thrill of a hackathon on international waters, where groundbreaking innovations are nurtured under the guidance of top-tier blockchains, complemented by funding opportunities. This isn’t just an event; it’s a breeding ground for the future of technology.’

Speakers and Partners: The Oceanic Investment  of Crypto and Web3 World and Why It Matters

Beyond its hefty $40 million budget, the Sea Summit is an investment in envisioning the future of crypto. Its scale, combined with its offerings, makes it more than just an event – it’s a potential trendsetter.

Prominent crypto figures like  Dr Jane Thomason, Ravikant Agarwal, Dr. Zayed Al Hemairy, Alessia Monarca, Anna Tutova, Dr Bernhard Kronfellner, Mansoor Madhavji and 100+ other notable figures will be over the ship. Think what might happen if this faces the same fate of Titanic? We are joking, the organisers have taken utmost care of the security and escape plans which never happened on the most luxurious crypto cruise ever.

Who are The Organisers of Sea Summit:

India’s top crypto and web3 leaders like Abhyudoy Das, Vinay Chandra Lal and other leading global leaders are part of the foundation makes it a legit initiative to be done in reality.  For our readers, you may be aware that Abhyudoy Das, the key host of Sea Summit is one of the best crypto leaders and influencers in India, who has led the derivatives crypto trading prospect for India over 2 years and having a hopping 7 years experience in the crypto and web3 industry. Panoray Ventures, TCL, TLC and 20+ other organisations are part of the community.

Why the Sea Summit 2023 is Inescapable for Crypto Enthusiasts

The event isn’t merely about talks and discussions; it’s about experiencing the future of crypto in a setting that’s both luxurious and intellectually stimulating. It promises connections, insights, potential partnerships, and memories that will last a lifetime. Missing out would be akin to skipping a defining chapter in the crypto narrative.

In Summation: The Sea Summit’s Siren Call

The Sea Summit 2023, given its scale, offerings, and potential, is shaping up to be more than just any crypto event. Once executed, it can become a truly historic and biggest crypto event in the decade.  It’s an experience, a journey, a milestone for any crypto community members or investors or traders.. In the vast ocean of crypto events, Sea Summit might just be the beacon that no crypto enthusiast, investor, or expert should miss.
Note: This article has been written based on our sources, information and data available in the public.

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