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Renewal of K Fashion Showroom’Redome’ strengthening the uncontact business

Renewal of K Fashion Showroom'Redome' strengthening the uncontact business

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy promotes global sales marketing support for designers and small and medium-sized fashion brands.

K-Fashion brand’s offline showroom’Redome’ was reopened on June 17th.

The newly opened Redom has been reorganized into more diverse roles such as B2B showroom function, K fashion’s global e-commerce support, public broadcasting, PPL, SNS publicity marketing, and other brand publicity, shooting studio and event space rental.

In particular, Red Dome is planning to be used as an e-commerce marketing base for fashion brands of small and medium-sized companies that conduct global wholesale sales with existing designer brands.

From the second half of 2020, it is planning to further strengthen the role of the K fashion brand’s untouched business hub by holding fashion brand B2B, B2C, and online and offline fashion business events throughout the year under the name of’Style Le Dome’.

To this end, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (Sung Yoon-mo, Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy) is a global business of small and medium-sized fashion companies for global wholesale sales fashion brands that continue to advance overseas without limiting the beneficiaries of the global brand development and foundation creation business to designer brands. It will be expanded to support projects.

This business aimed at strengthening the export of fashion products through sales marketing support of small and medium-sized fashion companies overseas, supports global online platform promotion marketing costs, supports global showroom (Sales Lab) admission costs, supports global SNS distribution channel entrance costs and marketing costs. Based on government support, up to 50%, and at least 50% of corporate burden, it is based on 1:1 matching funding. In addition, sales marketing activities are always provided when entering the Red Dome showroom located in Dongdaemun.

This year, as a general rule, after-sales support based on the performance of global sales marketing from January to June is applied, and additional points are applied to companies with excellent job retention, companies with high corporate contributions, domestic fabric use and domestic production companies. . The application deadline is until July 21st, and you can check the details on the Korea Fashion Industry Association website.

On the other hand, the global business support business for small and medium-sized fashion companies targets companies that are continuously pursuing overseas expansion business, and supports companies that receive support programs through existing K Fashion Audition and Trend Fair and companies that support similar programs in other government agencies and local governments. It is excluded.

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