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How much is a home without a tenant ?

In Montpellier, for a two-room apartment bought for € 135,000 and rented 675 euros, the profitability is of 6 % before tax if the house is rented throughout the year. But if it is empty during the three month period, the profitability falls to 4.5 %.

Health crisis related to the epidemic of Covid-19 forces, the tourists are absent, while the implementation of distance learning courses, some students have returned the keys to their apartment and returned home to their parents. The year 2020 has been difficult for the owners, donors and 2021 looks also complicated.

In the coming months, the housing could put more time to rent, and the risk of vacancy rate could increase, especially as the housing stock available to rent is already important – the site SeLoger indicated in September 2020 as the number of ads housing rent had increased from 15 % in the last year in France.

– 8% yield per month of vacancy

For the owner, a empty home is expensive.

Take the example of a two-room-apartment (45 m2located in Montpellier, france, bought for € 135,000 and rented 675 euros per month. The rate of return, that is to say the ratio between the annual rent and the purchase price, is 6 % before tax if the house is rented throughout the year. But if it is empty for three months, the profitability falls to 4.5 % before tax.

“About a year, we estimate that each week unleased represents for the owner a loss of 2% of the rental yield and this represents 8 % of their annual yield by month of vacancy “indicate Benoît Mazzetti and Gaetan Mathey, co-founders of Bernie, a real estate agency online.

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The owner lessor shall, in addition, continue to assume the expenses related to housing, especially if it is located in a condominium. Thus, a portion of the costs that it recovers normally from the tenant, such as the salaries of the keeper who takes out the garbage, or the contract on maintenance of the boiler and the elevator, back to him in full. He will also have to pay the tax waste collection to the public Treasury, which is, in principle, recovered from the tenant.

And if he has borrowed to buy the property to rent, it must, of course, continue to pay the monthly payment. Has to know, however : if the slot is empty the 1er January, the owner does not have to be a substitute for the tenant and to pay the housing tax. Consolation, the loss of income is offset by a lower tax household because these rents not collected decrease the tax due.

Lower the rent ?

So it is best to do everything to keep his tenant, leaves to offer him a discount on the rent, if it can retain it. “In order to avoid the vacancy rate, the easiest way is to agree a lower rent rather than arc-oust on the amount expected “confirm Benoît Mazzetti and Gaetan Mathey.

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